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About Us


Medic Pro Link Sdn Bhd is a reputable student placement agency registered under Higher Education Ministry of Malaysia (RF (PTLN) 7000/01/437/7/Jdl. 1 (118)). Medic Pro Link was established in the year 2004 and has gradually grown into a  Pvt. Ltd. Company keeping in line with the requirement of the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. Medic Pro Link has been appointed as an official representative in Malaysia by a number of reputable foreign universities.

To ensure effective co-ordination and in order to provide efficient services.  Medic Pro Link has established proactive working 

co-operation with relevant agencies including Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia Medical Council, Malaysia Dental Council, Malaysian pharmacy Board, Malaysian Veterinary Council, Public Service Department and Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education.


Providing comprehensive information about the universities represented by our company.
Providing counseling services for Malaysian students who aspire to further their studies in foreign universities that will best suit their needs.
Providing information and guidance to obtain financial aid from JPA, EPF, State Govt. Loans and Local Banks.
Liaising with relevant Government authorities to obtain approval and necessary certificates e.g. NOC.
Liaising with foreign universities to ensure that the students’ qualification is on par with the benchmark set by the universities and obtain Letter of Offer.
Arrange pre-departure matters of students such as visa, flight tickets and other related travel documents.
Conduct Pre-Departure briefing for successful students prior to their departure in accordance with the guideline set by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia.
Arrange Post-Departure matters of students such as Stay Permit, Hostel, Banking, Shopping and etc.
Our representative will accompany students to the respective universities and render necessary assistance in oversea.
Arrangement of personnel for student assistance in selected universities.


We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to those who are considering Medical related studies in the countries where we represent some of the best universities of their kind.