The Faculty of Pharmacy has state-of-the-art facilities designed to teach pharmacy to a world-class standard with recognition from Malaysian Pharmacy Board (MPB)


4 Years

Pharmacists have a responsibility to play meaningful roles in the healthcare of the people they serve. They do this through an emphasis on the correct and rational use of medicines and related products. As a student in the Bachelor of Pharmacy you will learn how drugs are developed and how medications affect the human body. Practical experience in a variety of clinical settings, including hospital and community pharmacy, is emphasized in the Bachelor of Pharmacy, particularly in the third and fourth years.

This degree requires four years full-time study and covers topics including chemical, physical, pharmaceutical and pharmacological properties of medicines, and the application of these in the practice of pharmacy. It is accredited by the Malaysian Pharmacy Board (MPB) & Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) and allows graduates to progress towards a qualified pharmacist in Malaysia.

Professional medicines detailing for pharmaceutical companies; clinical research associates to assist in drug clinical trials, consultants to medical aids and other pharmaceutical institutions and businesses. Opportunities also exist in the field of regulatory and professional organizations associated with pharmacy, the fields of cosmetics, food and beverages manufacturing and marketing.

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