Andalas University

Andalas University, the oldest university outside Java and the fourth oldest in Indonesia, was established by the Degree of the Minister of Culture and Education on December 23rd, 1955.


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Andalas University was officially opened by its founding fathers, the late Vice President; Drs. MohammadHatta, and the Minister of Education and Culture, Sarino Mangoenpranoto on September 13th, 1956.

In its early years, the university had five faculties; namely Faculty of Agriculture in Payakumbuh, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science in Bukittinggi, Faculty of Law in Padang, and Faculty of Teacher Training in Batusangkar.


  • The initial set up of medical faculty in Brawijaya University was established in 1962 by several medical doctors. It became one of the faculties in Brawijaya University in 1974.
  • The faculty also offers specialist programmes in clinical pathology, internal medicine, pulmonary diseases, surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, radiology, ENT and ophthalmology.
  • Rated as 2nd best medical faculty of Indonesia in 2003.


  • Very affordable tuition fee
  • Variety of food similar to Malaysia
  • Efficient public transport
  • Library and laboratories