Veterinary Studies is designed to produce veterinarians with clinical skills and knowledge of international standard.


5 years

Veterinary medicine in Indonesia covers the anatomy, physiology, reproduction, pathology and pharmacology modules. It also gives exposure to areas such as the science of animal diseases, veterinary public health and clinical site. One of the veterinary schools in Indonesia is using horses in the topographic and surgical anatomy. It has a “Teaching Animal Hospital” which is one of the most outstanding animal hospital in South East Asia.

The 5-Year course leads students from day one through a clinically integrated programme covering the entire common domestic, wildlife and exotic species. Parallel with the government universities philosophy is that education needs to be hands-on, bringing student into contact with animals and clinical case scenarios from the very beginning of course. With this in mind, you will spend a lot of your time in our purpose-built clinical teaching facilities as well as working with our local Clinical Associates, the existing on-site agricultural facilities and the adjacent Veterinary Laboratories.

The blossoming career prospect for graduates in this field is not just narrowed down to be veterinarians or researchers but also being a part of a team of entrepreneurs in the field of agro-livestock, pertaining to production division in various livestock commodities or in the field of animal medicine. Likewise, they could also be a self-employed veterinarian, researcher, surgeon, employed in Forensic Science department and many more.

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